1917 WEYMANN ‘f’ Sound-hole Guitar Style 24

Owner: Richard Barnes*

I’m always humbled by the generosity of many people who contact me.  I was pleased to receive emails from Richard Barnes who owns an ‘f’ sound-hole Weymann guitar that was not known to me, a Style 24, dated c.1917.  (You can read about Weymann ‘f’ hole guitars here, but I felt this guitar needed it’s own post).

Richard Barnes and his 1917 Weymann Style 24 ‘f’ hole guitar

Richard said he acquired this from an auction, maybe around 1992 or so for the whopping price of $100.00!  For a 100+ year old guitar this is is amazing condition. It is near mint and is the favorite of all his guitars.  It’s telling that at one time he owned a Weymann Jimmie Rodgers Special but sold that and kept this guitar.

1917 Weymann Guitar Style 24

As well as being a musician, Richard is a photographer and so he was able to send me some great photos of the guitar and the original case:


It has a dark stained spruce top with Brazilian rosewood back and sides, which is also stained or naturally dark. Also looks to be a mahogany neck and ebony or ebonized fretboard. Black and white purfling around the top.  I forgot to check with Richard but I’m assuming this is ladder braced.

Label used 1913-18


The Serial number indicates the manufacture date of 1917.  Also my database of Weymann instruments shows this ‘shield style’ gold decal label was only used for 6 years, between 1913 and 1918 inclusive.



The widest part of the soundboard (at the lower bout) is just over 12″.  This is a bit smaller than the other Weymann ‘f’ hole guitar of the same period, the style 30 (See Post here).


*RICHARD BARNES is a musician and a photographer.  He has a Pennsylvania band called the Blackbird Society Orchestra where he is a vocalist and plays guitar and banjo. The band is available for private and public bookings. Richard is also a professional photographer and he is based in Media Pa. (See website).


WEYMANN  ‘f’  Sound-hole Guitars – Styles 24, 30, 648, and 848

JOHNNY DEPP’S  ‘f’  Sound-hole Weymann Guitar – Style 748

Many Thanks, Charles

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    1. Thanks Richard, It is through contributions from readers such as yourself that the knowledge grows about H.A. Weymann & Son and their instruments. Charles

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