1920 WEYMANN Style 22 Guitar – Dark Stain

Owner – Brett Andrew

As mentioned previously, Weymann (pronounced ‘Y’man) made many different styles of guitars.  Here’s a nice little 100 year old guitar with Weymann’s own distinctive metal tailpiece based on the letter ‘W’.  (BTW the design of this tailpiece changed slightly over the years).

1920 Weymann Style 22 Guitar.

This dark stain was used on some of Weymanns other guitars during this time (late teens, early 1920’s). The stain is over mahogany on the back and sides and over spruce on the soundboard. The guitar is lightweight like most Weymann guitars and will most likely be ladder braced.

The earliest catalogue I have is c.1924 and this guitar does not appear in that so I hadn’t heard of a Style 22 before this guitar was registered on my database. It has a serial number of 28086 which dates the guitar to 1920 plus or minus a year:

Serial Number 28086 and Style Number 22

It seems H.A. Weymann & Son made many different guitars, some for only a season or possibly a bit longer depending on sales.  This could be one of those.

Brett, the owner, told me that this was a flea market find probably 20 years ago that needed some love and attention but was worth the effort. As well as some missing frets it had a big chunk out of the side of the neck but overall it seems to be in pretty good shape.  On the old canvas case it said “Lansdale High School class of ‘39.”


Lower bout: 12 3/4”
Upper bout: 9 1/4”
Body length: 18 3/8”
Total length: 37 3/16”
Scale: 25 5/16” (heavy quarter really)
Depth at End Pin: 3 3/4+”
Here’s a few more photos:
Thanks to Brett Andrew for all the photos and description.


Thanks everyone for stopping and reading. . .


5 thoughts on “1920 WEYMANN Style 22 Guitar – Dark Stain

  1. Very cool! And if we were in Deutschland? It’d most likely be pronounced “Y-mon”. Like Neumann microphones. Although only diehard microphone enthusiasists say it this way in the USA.
    Heck, you get recording newbies all the time here saying “Newmann”. Which, is technically ….maybe?….ok, because that’s what it means in German :o)
    I guess it depends on how “Americanized” the pronunciation of the Weymann family name became.
    Thanks again for another awesome post to your blog!
    Very cool and informative.

    1. Hi John, Always good to hear from you. Not so long ago I was contacted by a member of the Weymann family, a descendant of H.A. Weymann, who told me the family always pronounced the name as ‘Y’men, not ‘Way’men as many people seem to (including myself until I received that email). Early spelling of the name in advertising seemed to alternate between ‘Weymann’ and ‘Weyman’. But that is not so surprising, spelling in the 18th Century could always be a bit loose. Whatever the pronunciation of the name and spelling, they surely made great instruments!

      Another piece of trivia, Jane Wyman, the once wife of Ronald Reagan, chose her screen name from the name of the first husband of her mother, a Dr. Weymann, who I’ve been told was also a descendant of H.A. Weymann. All the best, Charlie.

      1. Oops, I actually meant to say WHY -MON , but no matter. Sounds like you got it covered. Thought it might be like Neumann microphones in pronunciation. It makes complete sense though.
        BEYER DYNAMIC mics are pronounced BYE-ER, so yes, I completely concur. And of course, a family member ought to know! 🙂
        Best regards, and thanks.

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