SAMUEL C. OSBORN Mfg. Co. (1916 – 1922) SammO and SammoS labeled instruments

SAMUEL C. OSBORN (1875 – 1922)
(From information obtained from Music Trade Review and Presto as well as the 1920 Samuel Osborne Mfg. Co. Catalog).

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The life of the Samuel C. Osborn Manufacturing Company is a short one, barely 6 years.  The company made stringed instruments and specialized in koa wood guitars and ukuleles under the SammO and SammoS labels.  They also sold mandolins, ukulele banjos and pianoettes (a form of zither). Different sites on the web will tell you the company started in 1897, but this is not the case as there is a small paragraph in the MUSIC TRADE REVIEW (1916) reporting on the company’s incorporation in 1916.  This is backed up from text in the 1920 Osborn catalog).

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SAMUEL C. OSBORN ‘Sammo’ All Koa Guitar c.1920

With a production date of 1920 or earlier this all koa wood guitar would have been one of the early all koa guitars made on the mainland of the US.  It was made by The Samuel C. Osborn Manufacturing Company.

There has been conjecture that Osborn guitars were jobbed out to other companies such as The Oscar Schmidt Company or Harmony, however this guitar has very distinctive look, unlike these and other makers at the time.

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During the 1970’s and 1980’s Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda traveled extensively in the USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia, different Pacific Islands, the Philippines, and Hong Kong to name a few places.

Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda in the 1970’s

Everywhere he went Siddhaswarupananda spoke and held kirtans, sometimes with just a few people, sometimes with many more. He was influential everywhere he went and many of the people he spoke to in those days are now his students. Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa’s message has not changed in all that time.

To paraphrase his words:

By hearing and chanting God’s Names a person’s mind and attention gradually becomes immersed in the spiritual world. In this way, even though living in this temporary world, one actually begins to taste the nectar of what it’s like to be in the spiritual dimension.

 Hearing and chanting God’s names is a very easy method for anyone no matter what their religion. All Names of God have potency so it doesn’t even matter if a person is a little sectarian and fearful of certain names of God, thinking ‘But I’m a Moslem’ , ‘I’m a Hindu’ or ‘I’m a Christian’.  No problem – they can simply sing the names of God as given in their scripture. That will have a purifying effect and their attention will be drawn more and more to the eternal”.



Drawing by my 13yr old grand daughter Lana
Drawing by my 13yr old grand daughter Lana

When I was young I would often lie in bed and before sleep overcame me, I thought a lot about my existence and wondered who I was.  Often the walls of my bedroom seemed to close in on me and I felt imprisoned, or I felt very small and the walls were miles away.  We lived in the country, and sometimes I would go out at night, lie on the grass, and look at the vastness of the universe – how insignificant I felt!

At such times I would contemplate about death: what would happen when I died or, as I know more correctly now, when my body died?

It seemed to me that there were 2 possibilities: when I died there was either nothingness; or as Lord Jesus taught, if we love Him, we can go to the Supreme Father. Any another possibility I did not want to contemplate!

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