Vintage BAY STATE style 207 guitar – late 1890’s

A hundred and twenty-year-old guitar that is an impressive survivor of an era before electricity.

The vintage Bay State guitars were made from about 1887 to 1904 by the John C. Haynes Company in Boston.  If you want to know more about the history of Bay State Guitars and the different models and dating of the serial numbers, check out the links to the two pages I have made in conjunction with luthier Sylvan Wells, who owns the Bay State Guitar name:

HISTORY: The John C. Haynes Company and vintage Bay State guitars,

MODELS & DATING: Vintage Bay State guitars.

I also urge you to register your Bay State Guitar by emailing me the instrument details to the address on that page.

c.1897 BAY STATE Concert size guitar Style 207

I have to thank Elaine and Larry for selling me this guitar and having faith that I would restore it and do it justice.  It has been a long road in getting it restored, more than 6 years in fact!  But I eventually got there.
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