Cartoon by Navie

Those who have read some of this site know that I have been dealing with advanced prostate cancer for a long time, 19 years in fact! (see this post My Cancer Story Summarized).

My prostate cancer is termed ‘advanced’ because from when I was diagnosed it was outside the prostate capsule, therefore it had metastasized somewhere else in the body.

For quite a few years now I have been on X-Tandi (Enzalutamide), but 8 months ago the prostate cancer biomarker, the PSA blood test, began to rise again.  This meant that the cancer was again growing somewhere in my body.



Until a few days ago I did not know that H.A. Weymann & Son made violins.  Then I had a reader send me in some photos of their Weymann violin with a label clearly stating, “Manufactured by Weymann & Son”. 

I do believe if Weymann’s say on the label they are the makers, then they are.  If not, at the very least, it would have left them open to criticism by their competitors.  Also, if the instrument has a serial number that fits into their sequencing then that is added confirmation it is Weymann made (they sold other instruments they did not make and those did not carry the distinctive gold decal label or a serial number).
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