CANCER – Why Me?

When I was first diagnosed 20 years years ago at age 51 years with advanced prostate cancer, I had an acquaintance named ‘Edge’ — whether his real name or not, I do not know.  Edge was about 65 years old and would bike everywhere. He had a lot of reconstructive surgery done to his face after dealing with a particularly aggressive form of cancer.  I don’t even know which cancer it was. 

The time I first met him, Edge’s cancer was in remission, however it had been in remission previously and come back. When it had returned some years earlier it came with a vengeance, and he told me that twice he was put into the palliative/intensive care ward for terminal patients. It seems he pulled through and survived by sheer will power.

When I was first diagnosed, Edge said to me, “are you a ‘why me’ person or a ‘why not me’ person?

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One day a parishioner went into the church to see his priest for confession. The priest asked what he wished to confess, and he stated he had been gossiping about someone.

(Original drawing by my grand-daughter Navie)

The churchgoer was not thinking this to be a serious sin and expected to be asked to say a couple of “Hail Mary’s.”  However, the priest said to him, “Go onto the highest roof-top you can find in the community with a feather-down pillow, cut it open, and let all the feathers fly into the wind, then return to see me next week.”

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1917 WEYMANN ‘f’ Sound-hole Guitar Style 24

Owner: Richard Barnes*

I’m always humbled by the generosity of many people who contact me.  I was pleased to receive emails from Richard Barnes who owns an ‘f’ sound-hole Weymann guitar that was not known to me, a Style 24, dated c.1917.  (You can read about Weymann ‘f’ hole guitars here, but I felt this guitar needed it’s own post).

Richard Barnes and his 1917 Weymann Style 24 ‘f’ hole guitar

Richard said he acquired this from an auction, maybe around 1992 or so for the whopping price of $100.00!  For a 100+ year old guitar this is is amazing condition. It is near mint and is the favorite of all his guitars.  It’s telling that at one time he owned a Weymann Jimmie Rodgers Special but sold that and kept this guitar.

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DEATH: The Elephant in the Room

‘Death and Dying’ is a subject I have read a lot about and studied extensively for the past 15 years or so. I have also spent time with friends and family as they have left this world.

We all know death is certain, something we will all face. But for most of us, it is the elephant in the room that hardly anyone wants to talk about or face head on.

Dying Patient: What is that large dark shape in the corner, it looks big!
Visitor: That’s nothing George, just your eyes playing tricks, you’ll be up and about in no time.

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1920 WEYMANN Style 22 Guitar – Dark Stain

Owner – Brett Andrew

As mentioned previously, Weymann (pronounced ‘Y’man) made many different styles of guitars.  Here’s a nice little 100 year old guitar with Weymann’s own distinctive metal tailpiece based on the letter ‘W’.  (BTW the design of this tailpiece changed slightly over the years).

1920 Weymann Style 22 Guitar.

This dark stain was used on some of Weymanns other guitars during this time (late teens, early 1920’s). The stain is over mahogany on the back and sides and over spruce on the soundboard. The guitar is lightweight like most Weymann guitars and will most likely be ladder braced. Continue reading “1920 WEYMANN Style 22 Guitar – Dark Stain”