c.1916 WEYMANN Style 30 ‘f’ hole acoustic guitar

This Weymann c.1916 flattop acoustic could well be Americas  first production ‘f’ hole guitar.  If anyone knows differently I would sure like to know.

This guitar also appears in my post: https://www.leavingthisworld.com/weymann-f-hole-guitars-styles-30-648-748-and-848/  but I felt it deserved it’s own posting.

Formerly owned by Bill Yates, due to his immense generosity, this is now in my possession.  Bill did an amazing job in restoring it (the ‘f’ holes themselves were quite damaged, but otherwise it was in pretty good condition for a 100+ year old instrument.

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c.1908 WEYMANN Amazing Inlay ‘OO’ Guitar!

Just when I thought I’d seen all the guitar ‘styles’ Weymann had to offer this one surfaces:

Photos by Ben’s Gear Emporium

This is a c.1908 ‘Auditorium’ size (lower bout 14 1/2″) Weymann guitar with abalone and pearl trim.   It is currently (Nov 2021) owned by Ben’s Gear Emporium and Ben has it for sale on Reverb.  He describes the guitar as:
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