Namaste & Happy Christmas
*See information on image below

Since I started this blog 6 months ago I have received many heartfelt messages of encouragement and thanks from so many people in different countries around the world.  It has been humbling.  I have tried to document my personal spiritual journey and I did not know how it was going to be received.  But I have not had one negative comment.

This can be a crazy time with business people and others trying to hijack a spiritual celebration and turn it into a commercial opportunity, endeavoring to turn Christmas into Xmas!  I personally am trying to maintain the focus on Lord Jesus and his teachings at this time.  I guess I’m one of the ‘politically incorrect’.

Whether you do or don’t believe in a higher power, the Supersoul, the Father, Krishna, Jehovah, Lord Buddha, Allah – we are all brothers and sisters.

So to all of you who find this blog, who share my life and spiritual journey, I thank you.

I hope you and your loved ones have a happy and safe Christmas 2016 and if the Lord is willing we meet again in the New Year!

Namaste and Happy Krishnamas!
Chaitanya das/Charles Robinson

*The above image was made by one of my very talented daughters, Yogananda dasi (that silhouette is suppose to be me btw!). She is always busy so I’m pleased she found time to do this.  There is more of her art on her FB page:


11 thoughts on “A CHRISTMAS THANK YOU!

  1. Love this, Caitanya. Thank you. And that artwork is great on your Happy Christmas. True happiness is knowing the truth. We are so fortunate in that regard, tho’ the matchless gift is available to all by the mercy of parampara. Merry Christmas❤️🎄🌟

  2. Merry Christmas – Happy Krishna! Love this post, I am joining you in being ‘politically incorrect’ because what a gift to be given a time of year where it is so easy to remember Jesus Christ <3

  3. Thank you Chaitanya das for your heart felt reflections on life and the enlightening commentary on death and eternal love for God. Certainly food for thought and at this time of year its nice to simply relax and reflect on spiritual life rather than get caught up in the craziness in commercialized Christmas.
    Best wishes to you and your family on during this special time of year.


  4. Happy Christmas , and thanks for the great blog! I look forward to reading more of your journey 2017. I hope it’s smooth going, not too many bumps on the road.
    Reading your thoughts on life and Krishna has helped me think deeper about my life and purpose- and that’s a good thing! So I thank you sincerely .
    (PS I don’t have a clue about guitars but I’ve learned a few things now☺️)

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