A WEYMANN 12 STRING GUITAR – Extremely Rare!

Any early 20th Century 12 string guitar is very rare, a Weymann 12 string even more so.

Tom Giachero’s Weymann 12 string guitar c.1908-1909

A reader, Tom Giachero, registered this guitar on my WEYMANN INSTRUMENT REGISTER and graciously provided photos for this post.  It is only one of two Weymann 12 String guitars known to exist.  The other one is owned by British 12 string guitarist, Paul Brett (YouTube link to that guitar further into this post).

There’s a bit of work needed to bring this guitar to prime playing condition, which Tom plans to do over time.  Some more photos (click on first image and scroll through):


DESCRIPTION: Brazilian rosewood back and sides, serial number 8594 dates the guitar to 1908-1909 (See Serial Number Dating post). No Style number as these were not on any Weymann instruments until after 1915.  Original tuners and looks to be the original tailpiece.  Early Gold decal label “Keystone State High Grade” ( I think the “Highest Grade” was reserved for instruments with more bling i.e. mother-of-pearl inlay). Ladder braced.





Total Length:   40 7/8″
Width top bout:  10 1/2″
Width lower bout: 14 1/2″
Depth at End Pin:  4 1/2″
Scale: 25″




A beautiful 12 string guitar that I will, with the help of the owner, provide more photos when it is fully restored.

Paul Brett’s YouTube of him playing his Weymann 12-string:


Paul Brett attributed his Weymann to the 1920’s and possibly made by Martin.  These two guitars are definitely made in Weymann’s own factory.  Martin did not make any guitars for Weymann (see the post “The MARTIN & WEYMANN Relationship).

All in all, these guitars just add to the reputation of the H.A. Weymann & Son workshop as one of the best of their time.

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4 thoughts on “A WEYMANN 12 STRING GUITAR – Extremely Rare!

  1. Charles–
    This is so exciting to see! Tom’s 12-string is definitely a kissing cousin of my sweet little Weymann–the tuning pegs, the trim, the back, the rosewood back & sides. Thanks for researching and posting this and making my day–
    Judy Freeman

  2. Hi Charles .. Just a note of clarification, the bridge/tailpiece are not original on this 12-string. Upon further inspection of this instrument, the bridge plate shows 6 holes for bridge pins, and signs of wear from ball-type strings, so it’s pretty evident the guitar was originally set up with a pin bridge, as one would expect from a flat top Weymann. Twelve strings into six pin holes was typical of early 12-strings we’ve owned .. 1890s-1920s .. such as Oscar Schmidt, Holzapfel and Grunewald. This one will be restored with a replica ‘flat pyramid’ bridge with six pin holes to match the original bridge plate. I’d wager a strong bet that the other extant example had a similar set up, pin bridge with 6 holes. I’ve found it very common for subsequent owners of guitars to use a tail piece set up once the original bridge has failed, so not unusual to see the tail piece on this guitar.
    Keep up the good work here!

    1. Thanks Tom, your experience in this field is invaluable, thanks for adding to the post.(Tom is from vintagebluesguitars.com )

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