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Everyone knows where they were in 2001 when the planes flew into the twin towers.

I was in Sydney, Australia, sitting across the desk from an urologist who was telling me I had advanced prostate cancer.  We were both bleary eyed as like the rest of the world, we had been glued to the TV screen for hours in disbelief.

My urologist was telling me because the cancer was not contained to the prostate, and because my PSA was 67 (above 4 is abnormal) and with a Gleeson score of 4 + 4 (8), my chances of surviving more than 5 years even with the best treatment was slim.  He calculated about 18%.  The chance of me surviving to 10 years was something like 5%.

There are as many different human cancers as there are different types of cells in the body, which is about 200.  Every cell has the potential to become cancerous.  Then as well as that, every cancer is different, because we all have different DNA.

But no matter what cancer people are diagnosed with, it is a huge shock to the system!

So here I am almost 15yrs later.   How I got this far is an interesting journey I hope to share.

Thank You and Namaste


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6 thoughts on “ADVANCED PROSTATE CANCER – Lightning Strikes!

    1. Thank you Nick, and also thank you for the photos of the Weymann Victrola gramaphone you sent. I’d like to do a post about that if you have any more information about it. Warm Regards…Charles

  1. I am deeply grateful for the work you have done in this world. Your researches and posts on rare and interesting musical subject have added to the goodness we can all share. You have made the world a better place! Warm Regards, Steven

  2. Always so nice to read your posts. I’m thankful the doctor was wrong… otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to make friends with you!

    1. Likewise Brent, hopefully 2021 will be a better year for travel and I can visit my many friends and family in the US.

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