From the age of about 25 I have always had an organic veggie garden no matter where I lived.  Which was no small feat since I moved around a lot when I was younger.  The problem was I would just get it productive and I’d end up moving.  But these last 20 years we have stayed in the one place, paying off our house on an acre and a half block.

With the help of my sons and son-in-law we have managed to landscape and build a pizza oven and elevated garden beds.

I’ve mentioned before how in this world of matter, everything changes.  Everything in this world that has a beginning has an end.  I’m amazed how much a garden changes every day.  For the moment our garden is pumping and I’d just like to share some of todays photos with you.

(Just a quick note, photos have been selected to show the garden at it’s best.  Bit like a selfie, actual garden may not look as good in real life!)






Lastly being in Australia we are fortunate to have some wildlife visitors, this was a snap I took elsewhere in our property.  Thankfully they have not discovered the veggie patch or maybe it’s the raised beds that fool them.  However at times the possums are a problem.


A Visitor

Many thanks & Namaste

Charles aka Chaitanya das


6 thoughts on “ALL IS RIGHT IN THE GARDEN – For now!

  1. Gee, is that really your garden? You and whoever helped you can come over to NZ and restore mine any time you like.

  2. Nice, Charles. Besides having old guitars in common we also share raised bed organic gardens and pizza ovens! But we don’t have kangaroos looking for nibbles, only deer 😉

    1. Hi Tom, so far the kangaroos are not a problem, think I’d rather have them than the deer. Something else we have in common, my middle name is Thomas!

  3. Hi Charles – beautiful garden! My summer passion is tomatoes (I had 40 plants this season). You can get mostly any produce item any day of the year…except a real tomato which has to come from you own garden. Going to send another guitar question for you.

    1. Hi Gerry, Congratulations on your tomatoes! I have trouble growing any tomato varieties except the small Tom-Toms or similar. They do not get the pests and diseases that most of the larger varieties are prone to. They can be grown here pretty much all year round, and the bushes are very productive. All the best, Charlie

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