CARTOONS by Narvie and Nityangi

Well,  break time is over for me and I am working on some new posts.  To kick things along I’ve always wanted to group all the cartoons together that my grandaughters  have been doing for this blog.  So this post is a big thank you to them for helping their crustly old PoPo!

Firstly those from my very talented observant 14yr old grand-daughter, Narvie, and then there’s one from my other 11yr old grand-daughter Nityangi (I just love those fish eyes!).

“What are they worth?”  by Narvie (from “Collecting & Decluttering”)

Cartoon by my granddaughter Lana

“Somedays I get the bear”  by Narvie (from “Somedays the bear gets me…”)


“Worth Saving” by Narvie (from In defense of the oncologist)


“Where do old people come from?” by Narvie (from Leaving this world of pain – SUICIDE is NOT an option!)

Cartoon by Narvie

‘Thanks Son!’ 
by Narvie (unpublished)

Thanks Son! (unpublished)

by Narvie (from ‘We All Have MORTALIOSIS!’)

From 'We All Have MORTALIOSIS!'

‘Happy Trails’
by Narvie (from “HAPPY TRAILS”)
(Click on the first panel)


‘FaceBook Envy’ by Narvie  (unpublished)
Facebook Envy

‘Cancer with Honors’ by Narvie  (from ‘ADVANCED PROSTATE CANCER and how to prevent getting it’)
(Click on the first panel)


‘Condescending Doctor’ 
by Narvie (from ‘NOT ALL DOCTORS ARE EQUAL’)Change Doctors

‘Contemplating’ by Narvie  (from ‘GOD or NOTHINGNESS’)

‘Fish have Personalities’ by Nityangi (from ‘FISH ARE PEOPLE TOO’)
Fish have personalities


Chillin' (by my daughter Devaki)
Chillin’ (by my daughter Devaki)



13 thoughts on “CARTOONS by Narvie and Nityangi

  1. Love, love these!! Yeah, hard to grasp until in disease or elderliness (myself) that this world & material life including tragedies & joys…..all so temporary. Hilarious😂🤣👌👌thank you, Caitanya das🙏🌞

  2. A talented, arty bunch for sure. Keep them ‘toons a comin’ And what about a peek at one of Doddy’s top doodles, please?

  3. Love all the cartoons together! it is very sweet your grandkids help out , and their cartoons are fab!! 👏👏.

  4. What amazing grandchildren you have 🙂 I liked all the cartoons together as well, I had missed a couple of these posts so it was good to catch up.

  5. hahha laughed my way thru this line up!
    What a talented and humorous bunch! I loved the details like the doctors sign and ‘the bad news testing facility’ – epic stuff! It’s so nice to see your grandchildren learning that there is no fear in death, so although humorous I also found this very touching.

    love dev

  6. Really enjoyed this cartoon round up and really impressed at your grandkids clever pens & quick wit.
    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your site and the wry honesty of your approach to leaving this world.

  7. Just simply wonderful and thought provoking. Thank you for posting and having this website- talented young artists! I ended up here because of guitar interest but there’s so much more.

    Outer Banks
    Salvo, NC, USA

  8. Wow! When we were growing up, we tiptoed around the “D” word. We were taught to say “passing” “passed away” and the like. Then we grew up. Things hadn’t changed. Still the same. But here, these kids grow up knowing the truth: yes, death is inevitable, and we’re all gonna go thru it. Thank God, it’s only the body! 😉 And it’s so matter-of-fact light because we know this. It’s only the body…. Thank you Caitanya das for your wonderful contribution to real wisdom in this world! And such talented, wise grandchildren too!

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