CARTOONS by my 14yr old grandson

All my 6 children are very artistic, as are their children. I’m a proud grandad and, when one of my grandsons, 14-year-old Kishan — the name is another name for Lord Krishna — approached me and asked if he could do some cartoons for my website I was pleased he wanted to help.

Kishan hard at work!

As far as I know he had never done anything like this before, but I had some ideas for cartoons and so did he, so I gave him free reign. This post is a result of his first ones:

Cartoon by Kishan 2021

This cartoon is a situation that happened.  I’d befriended someone who was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was very aggressive and growing quickly.  Like many of us now in our 60’s and 70’s, he had a distrust of Western medicine, but because his PSA was rising quickly his doctor managed to convince him to do an initial injection of hormone treatment so that he could consider his options.  In the meantime, he read about how some people were getting frozen sea cucumber and eating a little at a time.

He told me he decided to dispense with hormone treatment and rely solely on the sea cucumber. I tried to persuade him he could do both, but he was adamant.

He lived a hermit existence on a small acreage in the Australian bush and told me he was going to retreat there and live off his organic vegies and sea cucumber he had sent from the north of Australia.

No matter how much I talked to him he did not want to know about continually monitoring his cancer with a PSA test.  2 months later I heard from a mutual friend that he had succumbed to the cancer and left his body.



Cartoon by Kishan 2021

This happens occasionally when I visit a new doctor or specialist with my wife.  I’m sure others will also have experienced being ignored and talked over. Being patronized by a doctor saying such things as “There, there Mr Robinson, everything is going to be alright” is another thing that really p**ses me off!


Cartoon by Kishan 2021

A bit too close to the truth!


Cartoon by Kishan 2021

I’ve always believed it’s important to instill into children at an early age that we are spiritual beings and ‘things’ made from material energy will ultimately not satisfy us.

It’s also hard to explain to the younger generation (I’m sounding like an old geezer here!) how death creeps up on us and how in older age we can reflect on life.

Fantastic work Kishan. . . I love all these!

Thanks for reading everyone — PoPo (the name my grandkids call me).

15 thoughts on “CARTOONS by my 14yr old grandson

    1. Yeah the boy got talent! My brother is a cartoonist since around Kishan’s age and even had a comic he put together himself called ‘Doodlebug’ as a teenager! Good to remind your kids of the temporary nature of this world and how quickly time goes by. Thanks for sharing Charles 🙏

  1. Thank you for sharing your grandsons comics very talented indeed . And your real life situations . I enjoyed reading them. Peace & Love

  2. With humour, your cartoonist grandson , he has done great job helping you deliver what you mean .
    Thanks for sharing sir.

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