Chillin’ for a few weeks!


I’ve been feeling run down lately (it’s now been 2 years on Enzalutamide) and I decided to take the self imposed pressure off from posting for a few weeks and just chill.  Hopefully this will give me time to think about how to complete some of the many half finished posts I have been working on.

See you soon!

Charles Robinson/Chaitanya das


11 thoughts on “Chillin’ for a few weeks!

  1. I cannot believe your amazing will & determination. Thank you for helping so many. Love you, Caitanya das. Please rest. I just have old age & I’m a complete wreck. Youth & middle age are so illusory, that conditions will prevail or continue. HARIBOL!

  2. LOVE the cartoon – so very you. Rest and relax and I’m looking forward to seeing all those new posts soon. Namaste a Helen

    1. Those are not my daughters cartoons but my 13 year old grand daughter’s, Lana! She’s awesome!

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