DEATH without FEAR


You are going on a trip….the biggest trip of your life.  You are leaving very soon.  Have you made arrangements?

Time is running out….stop mucking around…have you purchased the ticket for the flight? Do you have your bags packed yet?  Made arrangements for someone to get you to the airport?  And do you know what flight you are on, and even where you are going?

Welcome to dying….the death of this body! We should be prepared at all times, have our bags packed and know which aircraft and flight we are on.  But who even thinks about this and knows how to get ready?

Today we hide death. We cover the body when someone dies. We don’t tell people on their deathbed that their death is imminent. We hide old people away from society. But we are ALL going to go on this journey.

So education is the preparation for this journey.  Though we don’t prepare for the death of this body by packing a suitcase, we can prepare ourselves.  That’s what the human form of life is for, to prepare ourselves for this spiritual journey.

Since being diagnosed with cancer all those years ago, and still constantly dealing with it, dying is something I have thought a lot about.

By understanding what the death of this body is we can face it without fear. We can face it with confidence, knowing that if we allow Him to, the Supreme Lord, Krishna, will guide and take care of us on this transcendental spiritual journey.  That’s the purpose of the human form of life.

This compilation of posts will hopefully convey some food for thought about this all too important subject…

Thank You and Namaste


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5 thoughts on “DEATH without FEAR

  1. Your blog and comments and insight help me help others, so your a legend. Thank you and hope you post more.

  2. Yes, most important topic but no one has time for. Then, all of a sudden disease, accident, old age……and you better have a solution. Depending on the most beautiful supreme Person of many Names is everything. Thank you, Chaitanya das

  3. I have several questions and comments… I found this blog whilst searching for info on my recently acquired sweetheart banjileile… (pics coming visa email). I hope you are doing well, and was wondering if you had tried cannabis for treating and perhaps healing yourself…. otherwise, thank you fort sharing. Hope to hear from you very soon!

    1. Hi Dallas, No I haven’t tried cannabis oil yet but it is definitely on my radar. It has recently been legalized in Australia for medical use but the wheels are moving slowly. If you have more information to share you’d like to talk more about this maybe you could email me at my email address at Many Thanks!

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