My eldest son sent me this cartoon:

So sometimes the bigger they are, those with the biggest false egos, the harder they fall. And the harder they fall the happier they become because they  experience, “ I am the most  fallen, the worst. I am the most sinful person and yet God still forgives me.”  They experience how unconditional God’s love for them is.

When I experience how unconditional God’s love is for me, then I know that I have a true friend, an unconditional friend  and protector.  I feel completely secure knowing there is nothing that I can be or do that would make me such that God does not love me.  If I approach God completely naked, not in any way defending myself, or trying to hide my imperfections, then I experience how God’s love for me is perfect, and that I need no other protection, no other friend, no other source of happiness.  This realization is complete self-realization.”     Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda

Namaste  Charles/Chaitanya das


5 thoughts on “GOD ALWAYS LOVES US

  1. Though I’m a secular humanist, Charley, I appreciate, encourage and support the religious and philosophical philosophies of my wife and friends. Your uplifting messages should be appreciated by any thoughtful person of any persuasion. Thank you for sharing; keep up the fine work!

    1. Always appreciate your comments Jim, then I know someone is reading these posts! All the best my friend. Charlie

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