When I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer I was already doing some meditation and I was also reading Vedic scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita.  So I understood in principle that I am not the body, but spirit in essence.  This is opposed to what many think, that is, that we ARE our material bodies and we HAVE a spirit.  NO!… I AM spirit soul and at this moment I HAVE this material body.

It is explained in the Bhagavad Gita that the Supreme Soul, Krishna, sits in our heart always. He never leaves us.

These 2 simple points of not being the body, and of being accompanied by the Supreme/ God/ Krishna, Yaweh (Jehovah) / The Father, wherever we go, is the basis of all spiritual knowledge.


Thank You and Namaste


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3 thoughts on “I AM SPIRIT

  1. Thank you for your blog which I have just now stumbled across.
    I have always from a very young age always believed in the spirit soul inside all living beings to be eternal. Energy can not be destroyed with death of the physical body, it can only be transformed (changed into another state … Like water). I was brought up a catholic although never aligned with its biblical teachings. I do however believe in a greater force / power / co creator of this vast universe that we know so little of.
    I am also a registered Nurse, who has struggled and is still struggling with believing this is my true purpose and calling, more concerned with the medical model than the spiritual. Reading your blog has made me understand that there is much more to this than the doing. It is the being. Our bodies weren’t designed to last forever, but our souls, love and kindness and compassion, connection to each other is what truly matters, and it saddens me to think that do many do not truly understand this and that is why there is so much war, hate, jealously, cruelty, obsession with the material things.
    To see the true sparkle of your spirit in your eyes and the warmth and wisdom in your voice is a blessing as are you.

    1. Many thanks Lisa for your words and for sharing your understanding. It is a rare thing these days. I am only trying to pass on what I have learnt from my spiritual teacher. I hope you also find my future posts of interest. Write me anytime, my email address is on my links page. All the best.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences Caitanya das your story is very inspiring. I can see your faith is what drives you forward through this difficult situation and trying to keep the body maintained.
    I was brought up Roman Catholic and also from an early age I had an idea that I had a soul, but I kind of thought of it as like a possession! When now I realise that actually the Soul is our real self, it’s who we are and that this body is just temporary and furthermore we will have to leave it behind one day

    Actually I am reminded of a famous quote from C. S. Lewis “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul…you have a body”

    So it is important for us to develop our relationship now while we are in these temporary bodies with the Supreme soul, and remember our long lost love
    When you have this knowledge and fully appreciate it and understand it, as in your case,it is very liberating
    Best wishes to you in continuing to spread this most wonderful message

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