JOHNNY DEPP’S WEYMANN ‘f’ Sound-hole Guitar- Style 748

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Johnny Depp owns a Weymann ‘f’ sound-hole guitar, and he played it briefly in a YouTube clip he made with Paul McCartney in a recording of Paul’s song, My Valentine (YouTube link below with Johnny Depp deaf language signing lyrics to McCartney’s song). When Paul McCartney first saw the guitar, he said “that’s a good-looking guitar, with those ‘f’ holes there’s something romantic about it.” And that’s true, these vintage Weymann ‘f’ hole guitars have a certain ‘mystique’ about them. They are valued highly by their owners and rarely do they come up for sale.

Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney with Johnny Depp’s Weymann on the set prior to recording ‘My Valentine’

Johnny Depp’s guitar is most likely a c.1930 Style 748:

Weymann guitar Style 748 listed in c.1928 Catalogue

An example of a Style 748 (source ebay):

Weymann Style 748 guitar


For further information on Weymann’s ‘f’ Hole Guitars see This Post.

If you have a Weymann ‘f’ hole guitar I’d love to hear from you,

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10 thoughts on “JOHNNY DEPP’S WEYMANN ‘f’ Sound-hole Guitar- Style 748

  1. I had never seen that video or heard McCartney singing that gorgeous song. What a wonderful thing to wake up to, not to mention your fascinating accompanying piece about f-hole Weymann guitars. Just lovely. Thanks, Charles. Made my day here in New Jersey.

  2. I knew your blog ticked all the boxes for me, and including some Johnny Depp just put some icing on the cake!

  3. It took me a while to move on from Johnny Depp signing while Paul McCartney sang his beautiful song …. and played along. Mesmerising ! I played and re-played this bit 🙂 . The continued post was cool to read too, and that last f hole guitar is stunning!! Wow! 💓 Notch up another great post Charles , most enjoyable to read and listen to. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  4. i just dropped in to see if my comment had gone thru okay , yep – saw my comment was up already and saw your reply !! Charles, thanks for the link . I went straight to it and it was really cool to watch. Love seeing creative people at their work. And Mr Paul McCartney loved the look of that old Weymann as it came outta that case …. 👌And Mr Johnny Depp says …with some justifiable reverence …”it’s a Weymann”. You must have loved that ! Regards Jiva .

  5. Depp got tutored but his deaf signing wasn’t perfect not that the deaf community minded his attempt. Watching super stars meet face-to-face – I wonder how comfortable that was? Everyone trying hard to be cool but simultaneously friendly …. probably stressful!

  6. Charles,

    I have a Weymann “F” hole guitar I got at auction about 25 years ago. I played it a lot at first but sadly it hasn’t gotten much playing in recent years. However, I just took it out for the first time in a long while and it was still in tune! I immediately started playing a song I have recently been working on – “Those Were The Days” as popularized by Mary Hopkin. I immediately got some new ideas regarding my arrangement. I am convinced the guitar “wants to be played” (to paraphrase Gandalf re. the ring). I was thrilled to see that Depp/Mc
    cartney video a few years back – that’s exactly the same guitar I have. Mine has serial #44042 748. I am posting some pictures to your email. More recently I acquired a Weymann ukulele which does not resemble other Weymann ukes I have seen. It is clearly not modeled after the Martin style ukes they manufactured.

    1. Hi Thom, Thanks for your comment and emails. I have registered your Style 748 F Hole guitar on my Weymann registry, thanks you! It looks a really nice example and if you don’t mind I’ll post some pics of it on this post. Your ukulele is intriguing. I think it is made by Harmony or a similar manufacturer just after Weymann ceased their own manufacturing in about 1933. But I’ll send you an email about that with more detail.

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