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Website of The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga.  Information and classes on Yoga and Meditation Australia wide.
A page about my spiritual teacher Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa
The Science of Identity website with information about the science of Identity, Meditation, Kirtan, Yoga Wisdom and contacts for different classes around the world.
This is my daughter’s blog, about raising happy kids into a happy spiritual environment.
With over 3,000 followers it is a great site with lots of stories, information and photos!
Facebook page of another of my daughters, the youngest, Yogananda dasi.  She has a great style of digital art that I absolutely love.  If only she wasn’t so busy (hint! hint!).  Check it out.
This a brave site by my niece, Surabhi, with 2 young children and a working husband as she deals with terminal case of scleroderma. Her outlook on life and spiritual understanding is an inspiration to me and she has helped me more than she knows.

CANCER – Prostate & General:

Blog site of Larry Axemaker.  Fellow advanced prostate cancer patient in the USA, lots of great information and love his cartoons.
Prostate Cancer Foundation list of support groups Australia wide.
Anti-Cancer Club .  Great site which I have just found.  Lots of great stuff with personal stories and great information.  Run by people who have been or are going through it!

CANCER – Mesothelioma:

I have been contacted by some organizations asking if I can put up some links that support people with mesothelioma and related diseases. I don’t know a lot about this disease but I have checked out these sites and they are very informative.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center
An informative site that explains what is mesothelioma and explains causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis and stages and much more. Very informative.
An educational page about mesothelioma on Home page.  Looks to be a great educational resource.
In addition to providing visitors with comprehensive mesothelioma cancer information, they help USA asbestos victims recover money for medical treatment and other expenses.

The Guitar Repairers. Stringed instrument repairer in Brisbane.  Run by my friend John Davis.  As well as repairer John and the team sell some great restored vintage instruments, including parlor guitars. John has restored many of my vintage guitars over the years, I highly recommend him and his staff!
Matt’s Guitar Service. Stringed Instrument repairer on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Matt has restored and set up many of my vintage guitars, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Blogsite by Jake Wildwood in Vermont USA.  Heaps of great vintage guitars, information and history.  Fantastic site!  Repairs and instruments also for sale.
Vintage Blues Guitars in Pennsylvania USA. Great vintage blues guitars for sale by Tom and Bruce. I have had dealings with these guys, both buying and selling guitars and they are both friendly and professional.
List of recorded stringed instrument makers from the 1800’s until 1900 and beyond.  Over 1800 listings!
Website of George Gruhn who has been in the vintage instrument business forever.  “Knows more about guitars than anyone on earth”.  He offers guitar appraisals for US$50.  Lots of instrument for sale and a great site.
A comprehensive guide on how to choose a guitar, 15 factors to consider according to science. It is very detailed and packed with practical tips and advice. Very educational as well.