Muhammad Ali — 1942-2016

The online and print newspapers have been full of reports and tributes to Muhammad Ali following his death yesterday.  My local newspaper, the Brisbane Courier Mail, attributed a quote to him:

“I think maybe my Parkinson’s disease is God’s way of reminding me what is important”.

I can relate to that.

I quote from the same newspaper:

“Ali’s daughter Hana last night described her father’s final moments:  “We all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, ‘You can go now. We will be OK. We love you. Thank You. You can go back to God now.’  All of us were hugging and kissing him and holding his hands, chanting the Islamic prayer.”

Very beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali — 1942-2016

  1. Thankful for your blessings that create your story and the heart and energy to share with those it gives great comfort. The bittersweetness of living life with the realization of death is foreign to many. Feeling the freedom of this exploration is continuing to transform my living life as well as those who are willing to consider the change of worlds we will all experience. The “fable of the twins” is a potent poem. Continued gratitude for your heart song and high prayers within your healing journey!

    1. Thank you Amanda. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading what I’m writing! I hope to have a bunch more posts coming up soon. Namaste!

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