Continuing with featuring another readers’ Weymann guitar, I present this instrument owned by Neil Reck, Weymann aficionado and a collector of Weymann quality guitars. The latest addition to his stable is this Weymann guitar style 870:

Neil Reck’s Weymann 870 Orchestra Guitar

In the words of Neil, it is as “exactly as described in the catalogue and is a powerhouse of a OM guitar.”

Style 870 is the Auditorium size, 15 fret guitar (15 frets from nut to the body), in the Style 860 Orchestra guitar range, and was manufactured in the last days of the Weymann workshop. The 860 and 870 models appear in the c.1931 Weymann catalogue, but not the c.1928 catalogue.

Page from the Weymann c.1931 Catalogue

Style 870 Description (from Catalogue):

AUDITORIUM SIZE (14 ½” widest part). No.870 – Rosewood back and sides. Spruce sounding board. Top and back edges bound with ivory celluloid. Top edge bound with purfling. Purfling through center of back. Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with pearl position dots. Rosewood veneered head-piece and heel. Rosewood bridge. “Four-to-one” Pegs with centered gears. Inlaid celluloid guard plate. No.860…………………………………………………$85.00

By December 1933 the Weymann factory had closed, as evidenced by this newspaper article advertising an auction of stock and machinery from the defunct factory:

The Baltimore Sun 06 Dec 1933 p.25.

These styles 860 and 870 were produced between 1928 and 1933.  The serial number of Neil’s guitar, #47425, is one of the highest serial numbers I have recorded out of 165 instruments in my WEYMANN SERIAL NUMBER REGISTRY.  This leads me to believe this guitar would date to 1932 or 1933.

Going by the instruments recorded in this Registry, during the final years of production, Weymann concentrated on making only their best quality instruments, whilst buying in and reselling budget models from other manufacturers such as Harmony.

Some more photos of Neil Reck’s Style 870 Weymann Guitar:


Another amazing Weymann guitar, thanks for sharing your photos Neil.

Namaste…. Charles


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  1. Wonderful! I’m mighty pleased to be able to see Neil’s photos of his beautiful guitar. And to read read the information collected by the inimitable Charlie Robinson, the “down-under’s” treasure of knowledge of all things Weymann. Thanks to both of you for sharing this information.

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