(I’d like to apologize to those that have subscribed to my blog that I have been inactive in posting for some months now.  This was both forced [because of a reoccurring medical problem] and voluntary because my wife and I took an extended trip to spend time with our children and grandchildren .  I hope to be more active on my blog in the coming months).

The Twilight Zone

Some may know of an old groundbreaking TV show from the 1960’s called ‘The Twilight Zone’ presented by Rod Serling.  The early episodes started with the words:

“There is a 5th dimension beyond that which is known to man, it is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.  It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge… is the area we call….The Twilight Zone!”

OK, pretty corny stuff!

I was in the USA recently and watched a few episodes of this show on Netflicks.  It was interesting because it presents situations where people are somehow shaken from their everyday existence and their concept of reality is tested.

I remember at different times during my life I would be in some mundane situation like walking down a street, riding in a bus, or sitting at home staring out a window, and I would have this overwhelming feeling that I did not belong. That my hand, in fact the world, in front of me was, so foreign. Watching a few episodes of this series reminded me of those times. In a sense during those times I thought I was in my own ‘Twilight Zone’.

Now I know from reading Vedic literature that this world is foreign to me.  Why? Because I am spiritual in essence and this world is material.

“For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor having once been , does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is nor slain when the body is slain.” Bhagavad Gita 2:20

“Yet there is another nature, which is eternal and is transcendental to this manifested and unmanifested matter. It is supreme and is never annihilated, that part remains as it is.” Bhagavad Gita G 8:20

What does that mean?

If we examine this world down to a microscopic level, objects that appear solid to the naked eye consist of atoms with huge areas of space between them.  ‘Solid’ objects are not solid at all, it is an illusion. What we ‘see’ are the paths left from those moving atoms.

All material objects are like that, including my body.  But I, me, the person inside this body is not like that. I am a spiritual spark, a small spiritual spark surrounded by atoms swimming in space.  The spiritual surrounded by the material. Therefore, it’s no wonder at times I feel I do not belong in this material world.  I am a fish out of water, flapping around on the shore, trying to feel at home but never able to find permanent comfort and happiness here.  This world is not my home.  For the soul this world is…. ‘The Twilight Zone’!


7 thoughts on “THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

  1. Namaste Chaitanya das
    It was really nice to read another post from you. I can understand that for the real me this world is the “Twilight Zone”.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you and wishing you good health.

  2. Yes, great analogy. I clearly remember watching Twilight Zone, but just like using Ouija Board, at early age, I knew things weren’t right, and was looking for answers. Love your talks. Namaste💖🌙🌞🌝

  3. I love this analogy. Ever since I was about 6 years old, I felt as though something was dreadfully wrong – with this world, or me, or both. Square peg in a round hole, stranger in a strange land, something missing that I had to find. My own version of the Twilight Zone. I found our Gurudeva at age 20 and started to learn why I felt I did not belong here. Because we don’t – we have a real Home and real Friend.

  4. I have felt like this many times in my life too Charles. I feel like that little guy in the ET movie and I just need to get back home. How can we make this unstable, ever changing world of mostly misery our home? I am homesick 😣

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