WASHBURN Style 101¾ ‘Terz’ Guitar c.1889

Kirtan Artist PRALAD playing this 127 year old guitar.

This small size guitar was called a 3/4 sized instrument in its’ day but today we would call it 1/2 size.  It is also called a ‘Terz’ guitar.  Made by Lyon & Healy under the original Washburn label it is a quality built instrument.  Brazilian rosewood back and sides with a fine grained Adirondack spruce top.  Originally it would have had gut strings but it has been X-braced to take lightweight steel strings.

Washburn 1889 Style 101¾ Guitar
Washburn 1889 Style 101¾ Terz Guitar

The catalog page showing this model dating 1889 has been reproduced in the book ‘Washburn – Prewar Instrument Styles’ by Hubert Pleijsier (photo 1. of the photo gallery below). Photo 2 shows the small size as compared to a standard sized Washburn Style 111 and a Grand Concert Style 323 Washburn, both from the 1890’s.  Such a great little instrument!  The remainder photos in the gallery are of this guitar. The tuners have been replaced at some stage.  This guitar was called “New Model” as seen from the impressed stamp.  The style number 101¾ is barely visible stamped in ink on the inside heel plate.

This sized guitar was called a ‘Terz’ guitar and was often tuned slightly differently and used to accompany a larger guitar as a duo.  This term seemed to lose favor around 1900.

As well as being X-braced this guitar has had a neck reset and a re-fret and a new ebony bridge made.

Overall Length: 32 1/2″
Body Length: 15 1/2″
Lower Bout: 11″
Upper Bout: 7 3/4″
Body Depth: 3 1/4″
Scale: 21 3/4″

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3 thoughts on “WASHBURN Style 101¾ ‘Terz’ Guitar c.1889

  1. I am finally reading your guitar blogs. Being somewhat of a guitar player myself, I would love to pick some of these guitars up and play them. Since I can’t do that, I would love to hear more videos of other people playing. Beautiful to hear Prahlad playing and singing, and I could easily see the chords, so I’ll try that song myself.

  2. I actually own one of these in impressive shape – passed down from my father (still living, but at 78 he doesn’t play anymore). I’m recording some songs with it. Mine has nylon strings and is easily the best guitar I’ve ever played from a readability standpoint.

    1. Hi Paul, I’ll contact you direct and see if you can share your recordings and photos of the guitar. All the best for 2021 Charles

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