Weymann Guitar – OO size, Late 1890’s

Weymann Guitar Pre 1900
Weymann Guitar Late 1890’s

This Weymann guitar appeared for sale on ebay in May 2013. It has Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a spruce top. It is a beautiful large vintage instrument, and does not carry a serial number (I asked at the time), therefore if I am correct that would date it late 1890’s. It has the Weymann decal shield shape that was used prior to 1910. “Weymann Highest Grade”.

Total Length        38 1/2″
Body Length        19 1/2″
Upper Bout          10 1/2″
Lower Bout          14 5/8″
Body Depth          4 1/8″
Scale                     25″

Unusually for the era it has banjo tuners.  It also has beautiful purfling and sound hole rosettes, and mother of pearl fret markers.

I would love to hear from you if you own this guitar.



4 thoughts on “Weymann Guitar – OO size, Late 1890’s

  1. I measured my weymann guitar and it seems to match the style 25-00 measurements.Serial #13315 which dates it 1910.Any idea what it is worth.It has a crack along the bridge from the 1st string hole to the 6th string hole and the bass string end of the bridge has a crack but is not separated from the guitar top.The back has a crack which has been reinforced with small pieces of wood along the inside to prevent further cracking.It also has repair work done where the fretboard lies on the top and meets the soundhole.

    1. Very difficult for me to say. You’re better of contacting a professional appraiser such as George Gruhn http://www.guitars.com (see LINKS page also) who has been in this business forever. I think he charges US$50 and would need photos and a detailed description. Materials (Brazilian rosewood or not) and condition are important. Well worth the money.

      Value depends on how it is sold as well, whether on ebay or in a vintage guitar retail specialist. With that in mind you could send photos and a description to Tom at http://www.vintagebluesguitars.com (see LINKS page also) and see what they would offer you for it. Tom and Bruce are great guys and I have bought and sold guitars with them.

      Good Luck! (P.S. Any chance I could see some photos, charles@honucreative.com ?)

  2. Thanks for your quick response.I’m at my summer home in Sackets Harbor,NY and will try to get some photos to you when I get back to my house in Schenectady.

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