Weymann ‘Keystone State’ Jumbo Guitar c.1913

first saw this guitar when it was in pieces. It has a lower bout measurement of 16 1/2″. (Further measurements are in this post).  It is stamped on the top of the headstock with serial number 18,488 and Style number 30. It has the gold decal which was used from about 1910 to 1915.

Jumbo Interior
Jumbo Interior


Construction of this Jumbo;  ladder braced Adirondak spruce soundboard,  Brazilian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, ebony bridge (handmade replacement).  I was tempted to X-brace the guitar but as soon as I saw the craftsmanship of the ladder bracing I left it as is. I’m pleased I did, it has beautifully sculptured bracing.


(This video of a H.A. Weymann and Son c.1913 JUMBO Guitar is by guitarist and performer PRALAD, singing an age old kirtan meditation “Chaitanya, Chaitanya, Chaitanya  Haribol – Nityananda, Nityananda, Nityananda  Haribol!”)

There’s more about this guitar and Weymann Jumbos in general here.

6 thoughts on “Weymann ‘Keystone State’ Jumbo Guitar c.1913

  1. I have a Weymann guitar serial #13315.Do you know what type and gauge strings should be used on this guitar?The bridge has a crack from side to side but is still firmly attached.The back has a crack which I reinforced with small pieces of wood so it doesn’t get any worse.Also,some work was done where the neck rests on the top before the soundhole.I would like to know if it is worth restoring,and how much it might cost.I’m hesitant to string it for fear of further damage.Your website is very interesting.

    1. Sorry Jim, I overlooked replying to your comment, I’ll contact you direct about this. Many thanks, Charles

  2. I have inherited a Weymann guitar. The former owner labeled it a jazz guitar but that may have been his designation. A knowledgeable local store was unable to find anything comparable thru Reverb or on line. He thinks it is 1930’s. Beautiful loud sound. Beautiful guitar. I’d like to find out it’s value either for insurance purposes or to sell it. Any suggestions as to how to do that? Thank you for your time. I can send pictures.

    1. Hi Jane. Thank you for your comment. I am not a valuer but you will find one, George Gruhn, mentioned on my links page. He use to charge $50 for this service. having said that I have sold a number of Weymann guitars and other vintage guitars and I maybe able to give you some indication if you send me some photos to charles@honucreative.com Best regards, Charles.

  3. Hello Charles. I hope this post finds you well. I am now the owner of this wonderful guitar and wanted to assure you it has a good home for life. Every luthier I’ve shown it to is amazed at the quality of your restoration. I wasn’t able to use it on the album I just recorded but am writing a more acoustic based album and plan to use it on some tracks that will showcase its raw, dark powerful tone. Thank you for bringing new life to this wonderful instrument and rest assured that it is in loving hands. Peace and light.

    1. Hi Nate, It killed me to part with that guitar, but so glad it has gone to a great home. All the best, Charles

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