WEYMANN Late 1890’s Budget/Student Guitar

Weymann Late 1890's Student/Budget Guitar
Weymann Late 1890’s Student/Budget Guitar

A sweet sounding maple backed Weymann that would have been the lower end of the Weymann price range in it’s day.  It has a stylized painted faux rosewood finish over the maple. Beautiful spruce top.  Before this was repaired it was split in half along the side (see the first photo in the gallery), which is probably the reason the finish is in such good condition. We retained it’s ladder bracing and the only real addition was a new ebony bridge and an additional top up coat of French polish.
I think it would have originally had gut strings but seems to take lightweight Silk and Steel strings well.  As with all H.A. Weymann and Son instruments the workmanship is superb.

Overall Length: 37″
Body Length: 18″
Lower Bout: 12 1/4″
Upper Bout: 8 3/4″
Depth at Base: 3 3/4″
Scale: 24 1/2″

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Two Hawaiian ‘Vaquero’ Guitars

1. 1936 Hawaiian Vaquero Guitar by Kay

Screen printed with a 2 color volcano Hawaiian scene, this originally had a metal tailpiece and floating bridge.  I made a new bridge from the Australian hardwood, gidgee.  It has also been X-braced and had a refret.  The sound board is original and made from a beautiful unknown timber.  The neck was reset.

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WEYMANN c.1922 Style 630 ‘Parlor’ Guitar

Keystone State’ labeled, Philadelphia based H. A Weymann and Son c.1922 rare guitar. Ladder braced, spruce top, very beautifully grained dark rich red mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and headstock, original ebony fretboard.  I read where someone thought that Weymann used Cuban mahogany on their guitars, that makes sense.

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Weymann Guitar – OO size, Late 1890’s

Weymann Guitar Pre 1900
Weymann Guitar Late 1890’s

This Weymann guitar appeared for sale on ebay in May 2013. It has Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a spruce top. It is a beautiful large vintage instrument, and does not carry a serial number (I asked at the time), therefore if I am correct that would date it late 1890’s. It has the Weymann decal shield shape that was used prior to 1910. “Weymann Highest Grade”.

Total Length        38 1/2″
Body Length        19 1/2″
Upper Bout          10 1/2″
Lower Bout          14 5/8″
Body Depth          4 1/8″
Scale                     25″

Unusually for the era it has banjo tuners.  It also has beautiful purfling and sound hole rosettes, and mother of pearl fret markers.

I would love to hear from you if you own this guitar.


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H. A. WEYMANN and SON – History Pt 1: The era of H.A. (Henry) Weymann

H. A. Weymann and Son was founded by Henry Arnold Weymann (c.1829 – 1892) who was born in Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany about 1829.  According to his descendent, Greg Weymann he was christened Heirich, but Henry is the name he used in America.

Henry migrated to America in 1852, arriving in Philadelphia where he lived the rest of his life.  He was naturalized in 1858. In 1864 he commenced a small business and it is from this date that Henry later attributes to the founding of H.A. Weymann and Son. In 1865 he is reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer as having an annual taxable income of $136.

From early trade cards (late 1800’s and early 1900’s) it appears he started out selling diamonds, jewelry, watches and clocks. harmonicas, sheet music, and ‘small goods’, some of which were most likely imported from his birth country, Germany.

H.A. Weymann business cards

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H. A. WEYMANN and SON – History Pt 2: The era of H.W. (Harry) Weymann

Harry W. Weymann

When his father died in 1892 the young 26 year old Harry (H. W. Weymann) energetically expanded the business.

In 1899 the S.S. Stewart Banjo factory in Philadelphia closed following the death of the company’s founder the previous year.  There is conjecture Harry Weymann took advantage and purchased some of the materials and equipment from this factory and hired retrenched Stewart workers to greatly expand his manufacturing.

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Hair – It’s Everywhere

So when I had chemotherapy pretty much all my hair fell out, including my beard which I’d had for 30+ years.  Now I’ve finished chemotherapy (Taxotere) and started another drug, Enzalutamide, my hair is growing like crazy!  I’m thinking I look like Einstein, but of course one of my kids says “Einstein, yeah right Dad, more like one of the 3 Stooges!” (Do people still remember them?)

Hair Hair

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PSA – To test, or not to test for Prostate Cancer?

Coffin Cartoon
* See note below on Cartoon

There is an ongoing debate amongst some academics, politicians and doctors as to whether routine screening for prostate cancer using the simple PSA blood test is necessary. Their argument is based on numerous clinical studies (some inconclusive or contradictory) that supposedly show that there is no significant statistical survival benefit for men getting regular prostate cancer screening with a PSA compared to those men who did not have a PSA screening.

I remember when I first requested a PSA test in a health checkup from my general practitioner (that ultimately diagnosed my cancer), that he tried to talk me out of it.  “If you have prostate cancer do you really want to know?” he ask me.  “Why wouldn’t I want to know?” I asked?

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ENZALUTAMIDE (XTANDI) – The Wonder Drug (for me)


So after 19 treatments of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere over almost 2 years, it was ceasing to be effective, not to mention the terrible side effects.

So about 12 months ago I commenced Enzalutamide (marketed as Xtandi and formerly known as MDV3100) which has been developed by the pharmaceutical company Medivation for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.  It has been available now since about 2013.

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The Hunter

the hunter

(Above is a narration of the following story)

Very few people dispute that the childhood we experience determines what sort of adult we become.  Or as William Wordsworth puts it “The child is father of the man” more widely interpreted as “The Child maketh the Man”.

I was bought up in a medium sized country town in NSW, Australia.  It was a very beautiful town, it had a crystal clear river running through it, with willows on its banks and sandy shores. But the town also had its darker side.

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