Some Interesting VINTAGE ‘PARLOR’ Guitars and their Makers

I got into vintage guitars not so many years ago because I liked the blues sound of the old Oscar Schmidt Stella guitars. I ended up with about 30 vintage guitars from all different makers, plus others I bought and sold on.  I’ll feature some of these guitars and others I’ve come across.  It’s usually the case that the history of their makers is just as interesting as the guitars.

Some of the guitars that will be featured in individual posts in this section:

Vintage Parlor Guitars
(Click for larger image)


5 thoughts on “Some Interesting VINTAGE ‘PARLOR’ Guitars and their Makers

  1. I’m a prostate cancer survivor and a vintage guitar guy. I was diagnosed when I was 45, had a radical prostatectomy and remain cancer free. I’m 67 now.

  2. I have a ridiculously ornate Regal 19 century parlor. It looks like a thing that was supposed to be an example of all the ornamentation a buyer could order or it was a special order. I’d be happy to share some photos if you’d like. Cheers, Ross

  3. Hi Ross, I’d really love to see those photos. I have a couple of 1920 Regals I am going to post about when I get a bit of time. It would be good to include a bit of Regal guitar “eye-candy” in that post. If so inclined please send them to All the best…Charles

    1. Hi Flo, The Supertone Bradley Kincaid is a greatly under-rated little guitar. It stands out from similar ‘parlor’ guitars of the era because it has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. I hope to do a post dedicated to this guitar soon. All the best, Charles.

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