What Is KIRTAN? No. 1.

Kirtan is the singing or saying or chanting of sacred mantras. It is transcendental sound meditation. It is uplifting and cleanses the heart and mind. The above example is my son Kirtan das,  leading a kirtan with one of these age old mantras “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”. The meaning of this mantra is: “O my Lord, the all-pervading Supreme Person, Krishna, I offer all my respects to you”


4 thoughts on “What Is KIRTAN? No. 1.

  1. Namaste – THIS IS FREEKIN’ BRILLIANT!!! What a fantastic website, Chaitanya das! So personal, so down-to-earth, so heartfelt… I’m blown away. I was able to share your latest video on FB…. and now that my own life in this world is on the wane (67 years) the poiniency and relevence brings it right to my heart… God Bless you, and our dear Guru dev for making this inevitable transition an event of glorious joy instead of fear and suffering!

    Though we’ve never met, I feel very close to you, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this most excellent knowledge!

    Hari bol

    Ssd (Siddheshvar das)

    1. Many Thanks Siddheshvar das….Thank you for your kind words. I’m trying to put in a subscription button on this site, hope to have it soon.

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