Thank you to everyone, especially my subscribers, for hanging in there on this website.  It has been 5 years now since I started it and it’s a surprise to me I am still around.

I realize that with the variety of subjects with my posts that they are not all going to appeal to everyone, but what surprises me is the many emails and comments I get in support of what I am doing.  And although I have my email address charles@koolaru.com in many places throughout the site, in all those 5 years I have only received one negative comment.  And it was a pretty pathetic one at that!

So, a big thank you for the support of everyone who reads my posts, especially those who have subscribed to receive notification when new material is posted.

You may have noticed I have had a rush of new posts lately.  I am trying to organize and publish material on vintage guitars that I have been collecting for a long time.  (And to be honest, because of my age and declining health I have less and less interest in many things, including vintage guitars).

Surely this is natural for someone facing their mortality every day and who is trying to understand their eternal spiritual existence. Well, I think it’s natural.

But I will continue with this site as I have been doing, as long as I can, hopefully that will be for quite a few years yet. And my eldest son has agreed to continue the site, albeit without comments, when I am unable to do so.

Even though we have never met in person, I have made many close and sincere friends doing this, and you have enriched my life!


Thank you and all the best
Charles aka Chaitanya das

18 thoughts on “A BIG THANK YOU!

  1. Heh, heh! Well, now, young man, we’ve got a ways to go yet. Get your boots on (figuratively) and let’s get on with the plowin’. There are acres of stuff that need attention and we’re burnin’ daylight. We’ve both got to stay in the harness ’cause a team can do more work than a loner. Those posts of yours make mighty fine readin’; they buoy the spirits of longtimers like me and, I suspect, younguns, too. Anyway, as those English folks, mutual cousins of both of us, say, “Cheers” and “Stiff upper lip” and other such uplifting nonsense, I hope that a word or two from a cyberfriend will put a bit of ease in your day. Best regards from Texas. Your pal, Jim Temple

    1. Hahahah you always brighten my day James. I hope you are still playing that wonderful Weymann uke to your grandkids! Your mate in the land down under, Charlie

  2. Thank you Charles . All of your post have been interesting and informative . So a big THANK YOU to You. Stay healthy in body and Spirit. Guy

  3. Namaste Mate,

    Thank you and all your family for your support and love you have given me over the years. Your wisdom and care has been a real guiding light and inspiration through the tough times while being away from my friends & family living in outback Australia.
    Thankfully I have never stopped meditating, hearing and listening to our spiritual teacher. It has kept me one pointed & sane.

    Namaste Garth

    1. Hi Garth, So nice to hear from you, I often wonder how you are doing. Thanks for contacting me. Namaste Chaitanya das.

  4. Namaste Chaitanya das! Thank you for your work on the blog! Please accept my warm wishes that your health improves and does not cause too much difficulty.
    Haribol 🙏

  5. Good day Chaitanya Das!

    Wonderful post. I found your blog because I am currently the earthly caretaker of my grandmother’s Vaquero Hawaiian-stenciled guitar. I searched high and low and your blog on the topic was the most detailed of any I could find. Subscribing for future posts was a no-brainer. Little did I know how much broad wisdom I would receive.

    I am a seeker and find the teachings of many Buddhist speakers engaging. I am nowhere near enlightenment but the timing of the occurrence of finding you at this time in my life is not lost on me. Connection is strangely both easier and harder than it has ever been.

    My best wishes to you. Thank you for sharing your passions with us.

    Steve B.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey, it is inspiring and couragous to light the path for others. Guitar research brought me to your site, but the value found was the life lessons.

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