CANCER and Consideration for Others

Cartoon by Navie

Sometimes I think I take the sympathy thing too far.

I must remember that having a family member with a terminal disease is not easy.  In fact, often-times it is easier on the person with the disease than those who love them.

I can lie in bed and try to sleep; trying to deal with the pain and restlessness from whatever treatment I am on.  Sometimes quietly making moaning sounds, often not realizing how disturbing I am being.

I must remember how this affects my wife living in the same room.  In the morning, I can get up and carry on, the night behind me.  But she has to recover from watching someone she loves (hopefully!) suffer all night, having had little sleep herself.  Oh Lord, please let me be more considerate, help me be a better person.

A dear friend, who reads a lot about the subject of death and dying, pointed out to me that hospice staff and others looking after terminally ill patients notice often that patients who show more concern for the well-being of family, friends, and staff, etc., than for themselves, are the ones who are most at peace with their situation – and the nicest to be around!

And it is well known that those who do unsolicited acts of kindness are happier people.

We have a purpose in this life, to become closer to God, to endeavour to love Him and all living entities, all God’s children, our sisters, our brothers. Taking our attention off ourselves and directing it for a higher purpose.

I WILL make an effort to become less self-absorbed.

Namaste Chaitanya das

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