TOOL CADDY* for my Grandson

(* One dictionary definition of ‘Caddy’: a container or device for storing or holding objects when they are not in use).

I have 4 grandsons and 6 granddaughters.  All are amazing! One of my grandsons is 14 and loves to build things and is what I call “an ideas person”.  Always thinking about how things work and thinking of different ways of doing things.

He lives in the USA and I live in Australia, so I do not get to see him nearly as much as I like.

I have a range of interests and vintage guitars is only a small part of my life, but I’ve always worked with my hands and I have a workbench that reflects this:

My grandson has only a few tools so I decided to give him some small hand tools as a birthday gift and  a ‘tool caddy’ to keep them in.  I made it ‘flat pack’ so he could put the caddy together himself, and it made it easier to send.

Caddy – Finished with and without tools, the top part lifts off and ‘keys’ into the drawer unit.

It arrived today and his Mum (or Mom) sent me these photos:

Very cool – job done!

Here’s another one I made that I use:

Round Tool Caddy

You can never have too many Tool Caddies!

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8 thoughts on “TOOL CADDY* for my Grandson

  1. It has pride of place in his room – Best gift ever for a little builder man! He’s got a little sparkle in his eyes today! #nailedit

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