c.1900 WEYMANN ‘Highest Quality’ Beautiful Guitar- Source: Deluca Music

This guitar shows the workmanship of the H.A. Weymann & Son company – Quality at it’s absolute best!

I’ve been sitting on photos of this guitar for about 4 years, it’s time to share them with permission from Deluca Music store in Hatboro, Pennsylvania and the photographer David Humphreys.

So far this guitar has the lowest serial number (#1310) of all the 450+ Weymann instruments I have registered, although I have eleven instruments with no serial numbers which will be older than this guitar.  There is no Style number either, as Weymann did not introduce those until about 1913. It is not so easy to accurately calculate the manufacture date during this period as there has not been a ‘Rosetta Stone’ instrument turn up yet with a serial number that can be dated definitively to a particular date around that time.

So I date this beautiful guitar to c.1900, plus or minus 2 or possibly 3 years:

This is a description of this guitar from the Reverb website:

Late 19th Century H.A. Weymann Parlor Acoustic Guitar made in Philadelphia PA. This is one amazing, beautiful guitar and looks to be all original. Absolutely gorgeous inlays on this baby. Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides, Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headstock face. Looks like only the highest quality woods were used making this instrument. Serial number is 1310. As you can see by the pictures that the cosmetic condition is outstanding. Frets have almost no signs of wear. Guitar has a wonderful sound. The action is high so it looks like it will need a neck reset. Bridge is ever so slightly lifting at the back. Comes in a non-original chipboard case.

Many thanks

Charles aka Chaitanya das


4 thoughts on “c.1900 WEYMANN ‘Highest Quality’ Beautiful Guitar- Source: Deluca Music

  1. This is such a beautiful Weymann, Charles, and so much like mine. Thanks for your always-fascinating post. Does the Deluca Music Store still own this guitar? If so, it’s not that far from me in New Jersey–maybe an hour away. After Covid runs its course, I’d love to drive out with my guitar to pay a visit and compare them. My husband and I have been hanging out at home lo these past 11 months and counting. We’ve gotten our first shot (Moderna), with the second in 10 days. We hear Australia is doing wonderfully–35 deaths per million vs. the U.S. 1,400 per million. You have 25 million people, with 28,000 confirmed cases and 909 dead. The population of New Jersey is approximately 9 million, with 650,000 cases and 20,000 deaths! Insane, right? What a nightmare this has been! Maybe I’ll play a little guitar today. You’ve inspired me and I could use a dose of serenity.

    1. So nice to hear from you again Judy. Yes that guitar is a lot like yours, quality all the way! I’m sure the Dulca Music Store sold that guitar long ago, but might be worth a call to them. I’ve had the photos for ages. I have other guitars as well I want to feature, it’s a matter of finding the time :). Stay well Judy. Much love, Charles

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