c.1931 WEYMANN Style 749 All Koa Guitar

With the Hawaiian craze in music and musical instruments starting in the mid 19teens Koa wood started to be used for guitar construction.

By the 1920’s many manufacturers made Koa models, including Martin.

This guitar was Weymann’s homage to this beautiful Hawaiian tonewood.

Weymann c.1931 All Koa Style 749, Source Reverb

The style 749 was H.A. Weymann & Son’s only Koa model.

Extract from Weymanns c.1930 catalog describing the all Koa Style 749 guitar

This guitar is a beautiful example of a Style 749 in original condition. In the description in Reverb it is stated that it has been sitting in a case since the 1930’s! The guitar was tuned up and yet, the neck is perfect.

The story from the grand daughter of the original owner was that this guitar was bought in the early 30’s, her grandfather played it to woo her grandmother. Once she married him, he never touched it again!

This guitar was further described on Reverb:

“The slight V shape of the back of the neck is super cumfy and adds to its strength and rigidity. The old-growth tree that this was probably made out of is so strong, the wood will not bow.

“What I love about this guitar is the wide flat feel of the fretboard. Nut width is 1 11/13”. The action is nice and low with no buzzing. The sound is beautiful! The small Koa body is loud and full. All the pieces used on the body are book matched and the head has a nice rosewood cap. The tail piece/bridge arrangement had me worried that it wouldn’t resonate, but I was wrong. The tone is sweet, punchy, with a slight boxy tone that gives it its personality. It’s so fun to play you do not want to put it down!

The guitar has a real early Martin vibe…… It is on par with the quality of an old Martin.

This guitar was originally strung to play Hawaiian style with nut jack. Original Ree Lax slide and picks and nut jack included! “

This is the only Weymann (all Koa) Style 749 guitar I have come across.  No others have been registered in my Weymann Instrument Register, clearly an rare surviver.


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